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UPDATE: Link to the summarized presentation used in the webinars - WebinarNWPR_NCAEP.pdf

NCAEP is pleased to announce that we will host two webinar forums with a panel of regulatory specialists from the Wilmington District US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to discuss the Navigable Waters Protection Rule that went into effect on June 22, 2020. While follow up questions and resultant discussion may be unique, each webinar forum will cover the same material so you may choose which option fits your schedule best. The USACE presentations to be used in the webinar are posted below. These presentations provide both an overview of the Navigable Waters Protection Rule as well as specific information about key components of the new rule.

Prior to the scheduled forums, NCAEP invites everyone to review these presentations and will be soliciting questions from attendees. Your questions will be collected via electronic submission form and provided to the panel for their use to address and respond in the upcoming forums. Additional and follow-up questions will also be accepted during each webinar by chat and addressed at the end of each forum. The panel would love to get as many questions in advance as possible, so look for a follow up email with information on how to submit your questions and to register.

Scheduled webinars:

  • 20 October 2020 10:00 AM

  • 27 October 2020 3:30 PM

USACE Navigable Waters Protection Rule Presentations

  1. The Navigable Waters Protection Rule (NWPR): Definition of "Waters of the United States": NWPR.Webinar-01-NWPR20200724.pdf
  2. Typical Year: NWPR.Webinar-02-TypicalYear20200724.pdf
  3. (a)(2) Waters Tributaries: NWPR.Webinar-03-TributariesandDitches20200724.pdf
  4. Lakes, Ponds, and Impoundments of Jurisdictional Waters; Adjacent Wetlands; Inundation by Flooding: NWPR.Webinar-04-LakesPondsImpoundmentsWetlandAdjacency20200724.pdf
  5. NWPR Exclusions 33 CFR 328.3(b): NWPR.Webinar-05-Exclusions20200724.pdf
  6. Approved Jurisdictional Determination Form (Interim): NWPR.Webinar-06-AJDForm20200724.pdf

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