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NCAEP's David Griffin Environmental Scholarship

We have renamed the scholarship in honor of Mr. David Griffin, one of our founding members and most respected professionals in the environmental field, who was a force in our association from 1991 through the 2000’s. David passed away in February 2015, and to memorialize his contributions to NCAEP and the environmental profession in general, the NCAEP Board unanimously voted to rename the scholarship in his honor.  David will be sorely missed by his friends and colleagues. 

Our scholarship awards are on hold at this time. We will notify members once applications for scholarships open. 


NCAEP Scholarship Award Summary 2015

Through the eighth year of the NCAEP Scholarship program, we have now awarded $23,000 in scholarships to students from nine different universities across the state, including Appalachian State, Duke, Elon, Montreat, NC State, UNC (Chapel Hill, Charlotte, & Wilmington), and Western Carolina.

2014 Masters Recipient:

Mikayla Armstrong, UNC-Chapel Hill (Environmental Engineering)

2014 Undergrad Recipient:

Maite Ghazaleh, UNC-Chapel Hill (Environmental Science) 

2013 Masters Recipient:

Dorothy Holley, Montreat College (Environmental Education)


2013 Undergrad Recipient:

Anja Nothdurft, Western Carolina University (Environmental Science/Natural Resources Conservation & Management) 

2012 PhD Recipient: 

Nitin Kumar Singh, North Carolina State University         

2012 Masters Recipient:

John Paul Balmonte, UNC Chapel Hill


2012 Undergrad Recipient:

Kathleen PetermannAppalachian State University  

2011 PhD Recipient: 

Sara Fritts, North Carolina State University

2011 Masters Recipient: 

Kaitlin Farrel, Appalachian State University

2011 Undergrad Recipient: 

Daniel Walker, Appalachian State University


2010 PhD Recipient: 

Nancy Maxwell, North Carolina State University


2010 Masters Recipient: 

J. Pearl Kaplan, UNC Chapel Hill


2010 Undergrad Recipient: 

Sara Mishamandani, UNC Chapel Hill  


Congratulations to all the recipients, runners up, and applicants on their academic success.  We look forward to hearing from them in the future!  A big thanks to the scholarship committee for their time in reviewing the applications.

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